April Lui

Semi-Permanent Make-up

April is the founder of Wake Up With Makeup. She helps busy business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, public speakers to feel more confident in their everyday life.

Save time with semi-permanent makeup so that you can look more beautiful round the clock. Semi-permanent makeup is a form of tattooing whereby results often last for over a year. We can help with:

  • Sparse, over-plucked and asymmetric brows
  • Achieving thicker darker looking lashes
  • Creating more defined eyes
  • Restoring lip definition
  • Pale, thin and minor unevenness in lip shape
  • Saving time applying/re-applying/removing conventional make-up daily
  • Looking your best 24/7
  • Fine lines, evening skin tone, minimising pore size
  • Skin care advice

Semi-permanent makeup is 100% waterproof, 100% smudge proof. This means your brows stays put through the night and your partner will see you looking great first thing in the morning, you will not need to worry about your makeup throughout your work day, your eyeliner will not budge when you are swimming or when you are crying those happy tears.


  • Hair stroke effect brows / micro blading
  • Soft shaded brows
  • Soft shaded brows with hair stroke effect
  • Eyeliner treatment
  • Lip contour treatment
  • Full lip colour treatment
  • Micro-needling / collagen induction therapy

Member of British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology