Craig Lesser

FX Consultant

Craig is a consultant working at Sable Forex. A relationship builder first and foremost, Craig specialises in identifying and developing successful long-term partnerships.

At Sable he utilises his extensive business knowledge and continually growing network to forge mutually beneficial relationships with clients and partners alike.

Sable Forex are a wholly owned subsidiary of Sable Group, a professional services company that works with companies of all sizes, private individuals and clients with international interests or links. They manage the currency and nationality needs of all their clients.

In 2001, Sable saw an opportunity to offer a user-friendly, fast, secure and cost-effective money transfer service and began operating an international foreign exchange remittance service for their clients

Sable Forex specialises in foreign exchange and international remittance to and from every major global destination. Over the last 20 years, they’ve established offices in the UK, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa. Sable is internationally renowned and prides itself on offering a highly professional service, with a personal focus to both private and corporate clients alike. Understanding their clients’ needs ensures they deliver their services in a way that suits the client best.

Working at Sable gives Craig the opportunity to manage all the client accounts and partnerships he develops, maintaining the relationship and ensuring the level of service they deserve.