Ellie Houshanpour

Professional Personal Assistants

Ellie is a co-founder at Kloned providing Expert Personalised Business and Lifestyle Support for Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Businesses.

Working as executive assistants in FTSE 100 companies, sisters Ellie and San have seen first-hand the difficulties and high financial costs companies face in terms of finding and retaining assistants who are ‘right fit’ in every way.

With a love for staying extremely organised (yes, they keep lists for absolutely everything) they set up Kloned to create a London-based team of professional personal assistants (‘Klones’) to revolutionise the way business owners and high achievers get things done, creating more time for them to focus on the high priority tasks.

We know all too well how hard it is to find and retain a high calibre personal assistant.

At Kloned, we take care of the process so that you don’t have to worry about any of the following:

  • Recruiting and training
  • Full time salary and employer taxes
  • Pension, sick pay, maternity cover
  • Bonuses

All our PA’s go through a stringent recruitment process including, a 3-stage interview process, background checks including a skill set assessment (including organisational, IT and communication).