Mel Hales

Mel Hales

Mel Hales is the founding director of Luminate, a training consultancy specialising in wellbeing.

She founded Luminate after almost a decade of working in high-pressure environments, where work/life balance and mental health were never treated as a priority. She experienced and witnessed high-stress levels, exhaustion and eventually burnout, which is when she came to the conclusion that looking after employee’s mental and physical health at work was the key to high performance and a thriving organisation.

After training in mindfulness Mel started to work with businesses and individuals to help improve mental health in the workplace and beyond. Mel wanted to change the way we thought about wellbeing in the workplace, from a nice-to-have add on to a critical part of learning and development. She is extremely passionate about the benefits and results of wellbeing programmes, on both the individual and the organisation.

She is trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). She is also a mental health first-aider.

Mel has written articles on business and wellbeing for HR Magazine, Conference News and We are the City, among others. She enjoys practicing yoga, cooking and reading books on personal and professional development.